What Is the Agreement between Katniss and Haymitch

Katniss runs out of her house and makes her way through the forest, but of course, there is no escape. She ends up curled up in the basement of one of victors` Village`s empty houses. She screams in her shirt until her voice disappears. She laments her situation, but is grateful to have won recently, so she is not friends with the people she will soon have to kill. A second later, she realizes that of course Peeta or Haymitch will be the men of District 12 who will join her in the arena. Katniss stumbles to Haymitch`s house. He assumes that she came to ask him to volunteer when Peeta`s name is drawn, but she can`t do it, even if that`s what she really wants. Instead, they drink and formulate a plan. Knowing that Peeta will volunteer to protect Katniss, she and Haymitch will do everything in their power to keep him alive. On their floor, Katniss and Peeta are accompanied by Haymitch and Effie, who seem satisfied with their performance. Haymitch freezes, however. Katniss sees what he sees — in addition to the girl who waited for her last year, there is another red-haired Avox (a slave whose tongue was cut off as punishment).

It`s Darius. Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch begin training as Careers — strengthening exercises, knife throwing, hand-to-hand combat. They look at the records of the matches won by the living winners and sent by Effie Trinket. Gale teaches them how to set traps. Despite his jealousy, he can`t help but love Peeta. Katniss agrees; If she had hated Peeta, she could have killed him in the arena and things would have been different. Gale wonders what would have happened between the two if Peeta had died. Although she chose Gale by not running away, Katniss knows that there is no point in thinking about what could have been. This chapter illustrates the differences in prosperity between the different districts and how Katniss is a stranger to the Games. To Katniss` surprise, Haymitch agrees to Peeta`s plan to train and wean herself off alcohol.

Nevertheless, Katniss and Haymitch make a deal to keep Peeta alive at all costs. They know that her sense of honor will lead Peeta to volunteer for Haymitch, but both agree that they owe it to her to find a way to ensure her safety. Katniss assumes that Snow will find a way to kill her no matter what, so in between, only Peeta really has a chance to have a good life. Deception is the greatest asset available to the Tributes, and they use their cunning both inside and outside the arena. Katniss and Peeta maintain the masquerade of their epic romance to provoke the sympathy of the crowd. In these chapters, we meet many other winners who will play an important role in the rest of the novel`s narrative. These include Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason, two winners who are no strangers to performance. Finnick comes to Katniss strong and plays on her personality as a harmless Lothario. She is disgusted by him and johanna, who won her matches by «pretending to be a weakling» (192). In the training center, Johanna uses her body and impudence to shake Katniss, which the other winners perceive as «pure» and without affect. As we`ll see later, these roles distract tributes from their true purpose – to bring down the Capitol. Prim and Katniss` mother comes first.

Katniss tells them about survival and tells Prim that she shouldn`t get out of tesserae, that the two should be able to survive on Prim`s goat`s milk and cheese and her mother`s apothecary medication. She and Gale also made a pact a year ago to take care of their families if one of them was selected for harvest. She also tells her mother that she can`t disappear anymore, that she must be strong for Prim this time. Prim makes Katniss promise that she will really make an effort to win. Katniss doesn`t think she has a chance to win because tributes have grown up in affluent neighborhoods to train for the Hunger Games. They see it as an honor to serve as a tribute, and tributes from these districts almost always win. Katniss evaluates Haymitch`s performance. He used the force field as a weapon against the daughter of 1, but also against the Capitol. She doubts they expected him to find the edge and rely on his design to win. She realizes that this had to be cut off from the shipment.

Katniss now understands Haymitch and thinks, «Aurenally, two people who have caused so much trouble on Capitol Hill, can find a way to bring Peeta home alive» (203). Haymitch kills two quarries and is saved from a third by one of Maysilee`s darts. They join forces. Haymitch leads the Maysilee further into the forest and looks for the edge of the arena. Eventually, they find it — a flat area of land that leads to a cliff with jagged rocks. Haymitch decides to stay there, but Maysilee returns to the forest; Now there are only five honours left. Haymitch detaches a pebble from the cliff and falls into the abyss. A minute later, however, it bounced to the side. He knocks over a stone and comes back to him. He hears Maysilee screaming and finds her almost stung to death by the birds.

He holds her hand when she dies. Katniss` main concern is not her own survival, but the survival of her family. Katniss` promise to Prim will be a repeated source of strength for Katniss throughout the novel. In the Remake Center, Katniss meets some of the other tributes. Finnick Odair shamelessly flirts with her. He is handsome and young. Just nine years ago, he won the Games at the age of 14 cleverly using a trident donated by his sponsors. District 4 is a fishing district, so the gifted weapon essentially guaranteed a profit. He is one of the most popular victors of all time and he has romanticized dozens of people in the Capitol and collected their secrets. Il Katniss, if she has secrets to share. Katniss refuses to continue talking because she finds Finnick too pretty and too forward. Peeta and Katniss` reliance on Haymitch, a man who cannot stay sober, is another indication in the novel that the odds are not in their favor.

After a few more deaths, only Haymitch and the District 1 girl remain. They bleed hard from each other and he leads them to the edge of the arena. She throws her axe on his head, but he collapses to the ground. The axe navigates the abyss. The girl hopes she can survive the dying Haymitch, but the axe comes back and burrows into her head. Haymitch is the winner. As Katniss can`t sleep, he orders warm milk and finds Peeta in the TV room. Katniss goes straight into her open arms and they hold each other. A sad companion brings warm milk. Peeta suggests that the people of the Capitol will be unhappy that their beloved victors return to the arena. They decide to look at footage of Quell`s second quarter, the games Haymitch didn`t want to see. Katniss and Peeta watch the District 12 harvest.

She sees her mother on the tape. She holds the hand of a crying friend — Maysilee Donner`s twin. The crying sister looks exactly like Madge. Katniss realizes that this is the cause of Madge`s mother`s headache. She also discovers that her mocking jay pin once belonged to Maysilee. In his interview with the source, Haymitch seems just as sneaky as he is now. The ribbon cuts the games and the arena is the most beautiful place Katniss or Peeta has ever seen — an azure sky, swollen white clouds, lush flowery meadow and forests, and a snow-capped mountain in the distance. At the gong, Haymitch grabs weapons and a backpack with supplies and heads straight into the forest. 18 tributes die in the first minutes. Those who live discover that everything beautiful in the arena is toxic, except for the rainwater and food provided to Cornucopia.

Haymitch discovers that forest squirrels are carnivores, but he manages to repel them. The resourceful Maysilee uses the natural poisons around her to fill her gun. Four days after the start of the Games, the mountain erupts into a volcano. 12 players die. The other 13 are limited to forests. The train is exquisite, even more luxurious than the courthouse rooms. Peeta and Katniss get private rooms, and Katniss loves to shower, which she`s never done before. Your trip to the Capitol will take a day. That night, Effie, Peeta, and Katniss share an extravagant dinner with food so rich that Katniss can hardly stand it. Then they look together at images of the other crops. The tribute that haunts Katniss the most is a 12-year-old girl from District 11 who is about the same size as Prim. Peeta and Katniss laugh at Haymitch`s drunken behavior that upsets Effie.

She reminds them that he is her lifeline at the Games and is responsible for mentoring them, creating sponsors and giving gifts during the Games. Haymitch stumbles at the end and asks him if he missed dinner, then vomits all over the carpet before collapsing. This section ends with a brutal discovery. Darius, the friendly peacekeeper of District 12, has been transformed into Avox. The Avoxes are slaves whose tongues are taken away before being forced into slavery on Capitol Hill. Katniss knows that Darius has been strategically placed to make her understand that more people dear to her will be hurt if she doesn`t play with Snow`s program. Johanna Mason of District 7 appears in a green headdress indicating the industries of her district — wood and paper. She talks to Katniss about fashion before throwing away her entire outfit. With the winners of 11, Katniss and Peeta get into the elevator with Johanna, now naked. .